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5 Best Lower Abdominal Exercises for Men

As summer approaches, every man wants to sport a set of beautiful, flat abs that will surely turn all eyes his way. Lower abdominal exercises can help.

You can get your midsection into great shape by performing lower abdominal exercises. While there are many exercises to train your upper abdominals, targeting the lower abdominals seems a little difficult.

5 Best Lower Abdominal Workouts for Men

Here are some lower abdomen exercises that can help you to work on your abs, but you have to remember that exercises alone cannot give you the abs you want – you have to be careful with your food intake and you should perform regular cardio exercises to get rid of your body fat as well.

1. VSitups

* Start the VSitups by lying down flat on the ground.
* Your arms should be stretched behind your head.
* Now using the hip and the abdominal muscles raise the legs and lower back off the floor.
* Draw the legs up so that they are at 60 degrees to the floor.
* As you raise your legs, reach out with straight arms and try to touch the toes.
* Hold on for a second and return back to your initial pose.
* This makes one rep and you can try to workout 3 sets.

You need balance and core strength to perform this exercise, so you may not be able to accomplish many reps, but you can build up core strength with time.

2. Roll Ups

* Lie flat on a mat or on the floor, and your legs have to be straight and your arms should extend behind your head.
* Raise your upper torso away from the ground and as you come to a sitting position, stretch your arms forward.
* The back torso should be at 90 degrees with the ground.
* Stretch the arms forward so that your hands touch your toes.
* Slowly return back to your initial pose.
* Complete 10 reps per set.

3. Mountain Climbers

* Start out on your hands and toes, with your arms fully extended as if you were doing pushups.
* Your weight should be balanced evenly in between the feet and hands.
* Slowly raise your left leg towards the chest and the motion resembles as if you are taking a step.
* As you take the left leg back to its initial position you should take the right leg up towards the chest.
* This exercise should be performed rapidly and you have to do many reps within the set time period.
* This exercise also helps to burn fat and increase the heart rate, while it workouts the thighs and abdomen.

4. Leg Circles

* Lie flat and your legs should be straight with your hands placed beneath your body, and your palms facing down.
* Raise your legsso that they point straight up and form a 90 degree right angle with the ground.
* Hold on to this pose for a couple of seconds.
* Rotate the legs, first in clockwise circles for ten times, and rotate them in anti- clockwise circles for ten times.
* You can start by doing just two sets, however as your abdomen becomes stronger, you can add on more reps to make this exercise tougher.

5. Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Stability ball exercises provide some of the most efficient training opportunities and knee tucks are among them.

The exercise ball is designed to strengthen your upper and lower abdominal muscles, and it engages the core muscles. So, even if you are in poor shape and not able to do traditional crunches, you can simply balance on an exercise ball, to get an abdominal workout.

* Start on all fours with the stability ball placed beneath your torso.
* Walk your hands forward until your feet are off the floor and your thighs are on the ball.
* While engaging your core, pull your knees toward your chest and your hips toward the ceiling.
* The ball will roll forward and stay under your shins and feet.
* Hold on in this position for a few seconds.
* Lower your hips slowly and stretch your legs, so that the ball will roll back beneath your thighs.
* Repeat it for 10-15 repetitions.

The abdominal muscles do much more than creating the attractive “V” shape that you strive for. They provide a stable foundation for your torso, help protect the inner organs, stabilize the spine and help move the upper body.